What game engines do you use?

We pick our engine based on what would be best for the game we are currently making. In the past we have used…

How do I join?

Just show up! We don’t keep an official list of members, and we don’t take attendance.

What if I don’t know how to do anything?

That’s okay! Most new members come not knowing much about making games. We are an educational club first and foremost so we would be happy to teach you whatever it is you want to learn!

I don’t want to learn to code, can I just do design?

Sure! Lots of people in this club aren’t programmers (even some officers!). Game development is generally broken up into four teams: Design, Programing, Art, and Sound. You can work in one or more of these teams and you only have to work on the parts you want.

I don’t know if I have time to work on a game. Will I have homework?

Only if you want! Your team leader(s) make tasks and if you want to complete one they will assign it to you. You will never be assigned something you don’t want to do.

Midterms and sickness can get in the way so if you ever need to take a step back or can’t complete an assignment just let the team lead know! No pressure!

I have a great idea for a game! Will you make it?

Maybe! At the beginning of each project period we announce a theme. Members then form groups and work on a game idea of their choosing. Remember that you are still working with other people and they have input into what goes into the final product. So if your idea is your baby, this probably isn’t the best place to make it.

Also keep in mind we have about a months to make a game with two or three games per semester. Furthermore we are education first, so huge complex game ideas will be unrealistic for our development cycle.

Can we make money from our games?

Sorry no!

Our club constitution prohibits us from making money in any form of our games. This is a club about learning game development only, but feel free to gain the skills you need here to go make money off your own games.

Can I use art, code, music etc. from one of your games in my game?

Please don’t.

Even if you have permission from a creator, all of our games are a team effort.

For example, even if you have the artist’s permission to use a sprite they made, the designers who wrote the design doc and made edits to that sprite also put time and effort into it, as well as the programmers who stipulated size or gave feedback about the animation.

Talk to the creator about making something similar for you, don’t steal intellectual property.